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Cybersecurity & Small Business

Cybersecurity is the process of safeguarding computer systems from theft, loss, or misuse. It protects computer software, hardware, and networks from information disclosure or disruption. This technology is essential to the operation of many organizations, such as hospitals and businesses. Keeping information safe from hacking and malicious software is a key part of cybersecurity. Having a secure system is vital for protecting data and the integrity of electronic systems and services.

Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks. While larger companies have IT departments dedicated to cybersecurity, smaller businesses may not have the same resources. Employees may accidentally click on phishing emails or download viruses and unknowingly expose their sensitive information to hackers. Even if they don't know about the threat, they might be tempted to visit a phishing website, where ransomware can steal valuable information or hold a computer hostage until a certain amount of money is paid.

Many large businesses prioritize cybersecurity, but small businesses are less likely to have an employee training program. This makes cybersecurity even more crucial for small businesses. In some cases, an outdated system can be the cause of a breach. As a result, it is imperative for small businesses to ensure that they have the proper cybersecurity platform and software to prevent such incidents from occurring.

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